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Automatically Backup


Help prevent critical data loss in Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Google Drive, and more with Datto SaaS Protection, a reliable Google Workspace backup and recovery solution

Google Drive backup and sync

Backup and recovery of important Google docs, photos and videos all stored in Google Drive. Datto SaaS Protection makes it easy to backup and recover Google Drive files 3 times a day.

Gmail backup

Protect your business critical Gmail data with ease. Relax and never worry about losing a Gmail message again

Backup Google Calendar

SaaS Protection not only backs up Google Drive and Gmail but also includes Google Calendar to keep meetings and important dates safe and secure in case of data corruption, accidental deletion or a malicious attack.

Google Contacts Backup

In business, protecting contacts is a must! With SaaS Protection you can protect your contacts so you always have details of suppliers, customers and key contacts when you need them most.

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