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Kristofer Luck

Since the age of five Kris has had a passion for computers. He started Quest Network Services in the summer of 1994 as an electronic bulletin board service (The Quest BBS) at his father's house that allowed users to interact with each other, share information, play games, send messages, and download information. In 1998, Kris worked as a network administrator for a wholesale company supporting a network of 16 servers and 200+ workstations across several locations. While working as a network administrator, Kris opened a storefront office supporting local customers in their computer needs. In 2001, Kris moved the business to Rogers Park.


After working as a network administrator for ten years, in 2008 Kris decided to work full time at Quest and expanded the business to include technical support for small businesses. Using his ten years experience as a network administrator, Kris is able to support network servers, workstations, routers, network wiring, wireless configurations and more. 

Kris strives to keep up with the latest technologies, attends various conferences staying ahead in the industry and is excited to expand the services Quest offers to small and mid sized businesses.

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